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Dear Empaths,

I'm so excited you're here!

Maybe you’re looking to bring your life more abundance in health, wealth, or love...

Maybe you’re looking for more peace, happiness, success, or purpose…

Or, maybe you’ve dedicated (or want to dedicate) your life to something greater than yourself...

No matter what it is, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be...

There’s no coincidence you’re here... Everything happens for a reason.

Without a doubt, the world is going through great change - MANY are waking up right now.

You're looking for answers...

For clarity...

For healing...

For direction...

And, to calm fears and anxiety.

Hi, my name is Alain Torres.

People call me the Genesis Doctor, and no...

I’m not a medical doctor, I’m the Doctor of New Beginnings…

I’m the go-to spiritual mentor and healer to empaths, healers, entrepreneurs, and truth-seekers…

My work has been featured in INC Magazine, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine...

I was interviewed on Good Morning LaLa Land, a popular Los Angeles show, and others...

But, my life wasn't always this way.

I wasn’t always the go to spiritual mentor and healer doing my thing in the front of the room.

And, I wasn’t always sharing a stage with…

People like Randy Jackson (Mr. American Idol), Actor Mario Lopez, World Renowned Motivational Speaker Les Brown, and Mega-Entrepreneur Kevin Harrington.

You see... 15 years ago, I found myself in a relationship that was beyond toxic to my soul.

I slept half the day to recover from the emotional drain, and convinced myself what I was going through was love.

I was stuck in a frustrating never-ending loop where I couldn’t think clearly and my body was shutting down.

My business struggled to grow and my work with clients suffered as well.

You see, psychology was one of my gifts, and after trying every strategy I knew, I realized I needed outside help…

I went the traditional route, and sought out marriage and family therapists and psychologists, and when that didn’t work…

I went a little more out of the box and worked with hypnotists and hypnotherapists… and when I hit a wall with them…

I went wayyy out of the box, beyond logic, thinking maybe it was karma or maybe there was some bad energy, a curse, a spell… bad juju…

I had no clue what was causing all the problems in my dissolving relationship.

So, I worked with various readers, astrologists, did past life regressions...

I saw channelers, energy healers, and shamans around the world. This became my life, I was obsessed with finding a solution.

Almost every dollar I made was immediately invested back into my healing and awakening…

I went deep down the rabbit hole…

I wanted to understand how we manifest our reality…

...how to transform duality into unity and acceptance.

But first, I needed a solution to protect my energy from this narcissistic dynamic.

I found myself studying wisdom from Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, studied with a Chi Gong grandmaster who could boil water with his bare hands, went through an Ancient Mayan Rite of Passage that Opened My 3rd Eye...

I healed and learned from shamans, studied many traditions, and sat in the deepest, most sacred ceremonial spaces.

And… on top of that, I had a daily meditation practice of 1-4 hours, finding the answers within, examining every thought, every emotion, every pattern, letting go of my stubborn triggers, glimpsing past lives, predicting my future to a “T”, and learning how to consciously manifest my heart's deepest desires.

Like I said, I was obsessed... I was committed to finding the solution to heal, and I did.

If you had told me 15 years ago that I would have journeyed down this path and experienced the things I did, lived to talk about them, and that I now guide people from over 67 countries, I would have literally asked you what you're smoking!

The simple truth is... I don’t want you to have to make all the same mistakes I did.

15 years of trial and error... that's a lot of ups and downs - a lot of heartache.

So after thousands of hours of meditation, hundreds upon hundreds of sacred ceremonies, and studying with the world's most powerful healers and shamans... I freely share my wisdom with you today.

It’s time you learn only the essentials needed to succeed on your path, so you can quickly remove and eliminate the hidden energetic blocks sabotaging you from experiencing joy, success, happiness, and abundance.

I want this for you, and so much more - AND it all starts with Activating Your 3rd Eye.

So, I have a question for you...

Are you ready to finally uncover and remove what’s stopping you from healing and succeeding?

Do you want to master your consciousness so you can permanently change your reality and energy?

Do you want to develop your 6th sense, and go through the same Mayan Initiation I did, to fully Open Your Third Eye?

Would you like to learn the specific “how to” so you can eliminate the hidden energetic blocks sabotaging you from experiencing joy, success, happiness, and abundance?

Do you want me to walk you through how your can apply all of these teachings in your life in the next 22 days?

Would your life change if you had the proven tools to finally heal yourself and master your energetic field?

If you said "YES" to any of the above, I invite you to join The Mayan Activation.

The Mayan Activation

With Alain Torres "Genesis Doctor"


"I just finished the 22 Day Mayan Activation yesterday! I feel the energetic pillars very strongly! Very Excited! My psychic centers are active!" - Helen W.

It's Time to Learn How to Finally Activate Your 3rd Eye and Master Your Intuition...

The BEST part...

You'll learn the exact steps through a nearly forgotten Ancient Mayan Activation… a Secret 3rd Eye Rite of Passage so powerful it was only shared with specially selected initiates.

As soon as I had the opportunity, I jumped on this, and learned it IMMEDIATELY. It is so special.

And what a game-changer it’s been for me, my journey, and my life.

Opening Your 3rd Eye & Mastering Your Intuition

In just 22 days, you'll be guided, step-by-step, through this very sacred process to open your 3rd eye and master your intuition. The daily, go at your-own-pace videos build off each other and empower you to apply the teachings in real time.

In addition, the videos are designed to help you work through the blocks that will arise as you begin this nearly forgotten ancient activation and open up your incredible psychic senses. No matter where you are on the journey and what paths you’ve taken, this activation empowers ALL the work you’ve done to this point and will help you take your unique path and wisdom even deeper.

By the end of this course, your 3rd eye will be open and you’ll be “seeing” the unseen and “knowing” the unknown - all your psychic channels will be open.

What's Included In This Course:

  • 22 instructional videos with the exact step-by-step process of this nearly forgotten ancient activation

  • Guidance on how to open up each of the 4 energetic pillars that extend through the pineal chakra (consider them antennas) so you can finally activate your 3rd eye, open all your psychic centers, and tune into your intuition

  • Learn the exact location, according to your body’s sacred geometry, where your 3rd eye is, as well as other important energy points within your head

  • 2 detailed diagrams that show you exactly what to look for on (and in) your head and the proper order of activating this incredible gift

  • My 100% commitment to your process as you have support, motivation, and the clear daily videos to help you succeed

  • Most importantly, once you activate your 3rd eye, you’ll have your next steps laid out so you know how to truly use this gift and best navigate your journey of life

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Anyone who is ready to finally activate their 3rd eye and master their intuition - a much needed skillset especially in times like these

  • Beginners looking for a clear and simple step-by-step process to activate their 6th sense so they can “see” the unseen and “know” the unknown - this will drastically cut down your path’s learning curve and prevent you from experiencing unnecessary and often painful mistakes

  • Experienced seekers who want to take their intuition to the next level and activate all their psychic channels so they can see things easier and shift things quicker than ever before

  • Those who are seeking to gain absolute certainty and clarity on what actions to take (and not take), during these trying times

  • Anyone who wants to learn one of the nearly lost secret activations of the Ancient Mayans

What You'll Need:

  • Pen and paper

  • Comfortable chair or mediation cushion

  • Commitment and the dedication to see this very sacred process through

  • An open mind

What People Are Saying About This Course:

"Thank you for the Mayan Activation, it was powerful. I can actually feel my third eye buzzing!!" - Edie M.

"Very powerful to do the Mayan Activation. I’ve been seeing beautiful iridescent indigo blue and I’m connecting very powerfully with all my pillars. My whole head feels like it's lit up!" - Marguerita H.

"I’m 'seeing' now after I did the Activation. Now I have a definite knowing of where I’m heading, what I need to heal, and my energy is replenishing." - Lisa W.

"I CAN fully trust my intuition AND my higher self now. After the Mayan Activation, it felt like the blurry lens of my camera came into focus! It’s beautiful, it’s miraculous, this 3rd eye activation is very special!" - Helen A.

"Finding Alain was a miracle and a blessing. As soon as I made the connection that the 3rd Eye Activation he teaches was exactly what I experienced as a child, seeing the beams connect to my pineal chakra, I knew instantly that I had to stick with this 22 Day process. As a child having this experience, along with many others and not able to express what was happening or being able to handle the energies, I asked, 'begged', God to take these experiences away from me. Since sticking with this 22 Day Activation I sensed the energies of the activation process and had seen flashes of images. I just trust the process is working as Alain says it is. In the last 22 Days I have noticed other things happening, such as synchronicities, opportunities coming my way, and knowing I have to take action. I will continue on my journey, opening up my gifts and abilities. Thank you Alain!" - Terri S.

"Alain🙂 no words will express my gratitude for having found your processes. The Mayan Activation process, to open my third eye, has been phenomenal. I had been gifted from birth with a deep understanding and knowing, I could assist others in their healing. However, like most empaths, we help everyone else first, but forget we can heal our own pains... After the 3rd Eye Mayan Activation I was able to know my truths, live an abundant life, create from my heart, and love fully. I take massive action, to better my life, and in doing, so I was able to clear contracts, family lineage, and heal my abilities to trust everything 100%. I no longer look to answers outside myself, but have a profound understanding to my purpose and my abilities. I am blessed to have found me. I also am blessed you came into my life. Aho, much love." - Stephanie R.

"I was having trouble opening my 3rd eye, I wanted to have real spiritual experiences - but nothing was working, I had tried practically every technique, from every person. As a result had a lot of anxiety, even panic attacks, and it was affecting my business, there was a lot of inner conflict. Since going through the 22 Day Mayan Activation, I’ve been able to heal all the little things that had been building upon each other so I could finally open my 3rd eye and trust my intuition. It was a really good, systematic way of doing this - it really helped me to finish my book, step onto stage and speak around the world, and be my best self on live interviews. If you’re looking to experience the shifts you know are possible and actually activate your 3rd eye, this is it. The price for this course is practically nothing, compared to the value you’re actually going to get. Definitely check this out and do it, I can’t recommend it and Alain enough." - Frankie F.

About Alain Torres "Genesis Doctor"

Known as the Genesis Doctor, Alain Torres is a world-renowned authority in human consciousness and energy healing. He’s the spiritual mentor and healer to healers, entrepreneurs, empaths, and truth-seekers.

But, it wasn’t always this way - seeking true healing, he found himself studying wisdom from Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, studied with a Chi Gong grandmaster who could boil water with his bare hands, and went through an Ancient Mayan Rite of Passage that Opened his Third Eye.

After 15 years of trial and error, thousands of hours of meditation, hundreds upon hundreds of sacred ceremonies, and studying with the world's most powerful healers and shamans, he was healed. Now, his mission is to freely share his wisdom, so you heal and learn only the essentials needed to succeed on your path, so you can quickly remove and eliminate the hidden energetic blocks sabotaging you from experiencing joy, success, happiness, and abundance.

He’s been featured in Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine, and has been seen on Good Morning LaLa Land, a popular Los Angeles based show.

How Does It Work?

Starting today, you’ll receive a new video lesson, every day for 22 days. Each video is yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you want. And, if you miss a video or are too busy to get to it that day, each video will conveniently remain in your account so you won't have to search for it when you're ready to start again. And when you go through the first 7-days, if you are not 100% satisfied I will refund your money back within 7-days of purchase.

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